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About My 341

If you’re considering filing bankruptcy, My 341 makes finding a top bankruptcy attorney in your area simple by providing users with actual court-related information pertaining to previous cases. My 341 believes you deserve access to factual information to help you decide on an attorney who is a fit for your specific needs. Choose an attorney for your specific situation and get the legal assistance you deserve:

  • My 341 shows bankruptcy attorneys through a performance-based system
  • My 341 strives to present you with REAL court data from previous case filings
  • My 341 specializes in highly detailed information only on bankruptcy attorneys


When you’re faced with overwhelming debt and need legal assistance, obtaining a free consultation with a reputable bankruptcy lawyer is recommended. It’s impractical to choose an attorney built up solely on ratings or reviews. My 341 believes you should be able to find a dependable attorney based on the history of the types of cases filed, number of cases, success rate, and more.

Let’s face it—facts tell you more than a review ever will. Bankruptcy filing is already complicated enough. Allow us to simplify the process by giving you everything you need to make an educated decision on a bankruptcy attorney in your region. When you choose My 341 to locate and evaluate top bankruptcy attorneys, you have all the details to ensure the professional you select has the experience and knowledge needed in your bankruptcy case.


Real Attorneys—Real Performance Data

Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys are always listed with detailed profiles and all the data resulting from previous court filings.


Bankruptcy Attorneys Understand the Law

Weeding through bankruptcy filing requirements is exceedingly complex. Work with a top-rated attorney who understands the state and federal laws.


Peace of Mind

You may not be required to hire a qualified bankruptcy attorney to assist you with your filing but when you’ll have peace of mind if you do.


Ready to Get Rid of Your Debt?

Your ideal bankruptcy attorney is just a few clicks away, ready to work with you to help you climb out of debt every step of the way. Why wait? Get started with My 341, today!