What is My341 and how will it help me?

If you’re considering filing bankruptcy, My 341 makes finding a top bankruptcy attorney in your area simple by providing users with actual court-related information pertaining to previous cases. My 341 believes you deserve access to factual information to help you decide on an attorney who is a fit for your specific needs. Choose an attorney for your specific situation and get the legal assistance you deserve:

My 341 shows bankruptcy attorneys through a performance-based system
My 341 strives to present you with REAL court data from previous case filings
My 341 specializes in highly detailed information only on bankruptcy attorneys
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Bankruptcy is an available option for individuals and businesses struggling to repay overwhelming debt. Filing for bankruptcy is a complicated process. It requires detailed paperwork and documentation with a thorough understanding of filing requirements. The smallest mistake in the process can compromise your rights. Consulting with a top bankruptcy attorney is highly recommended.

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